2020 Quarantine -A crafter’s dream or nightmare :)

Here in Philadelphia we have been in quarantine due to the coronavirus-covid-19 being highly contagious. It’s a global pandemic and here in the U.S. , especially on the East coast, we have the highest confirmed cases. While the politicians fight about it, we are left a little confused, frustrated and for some of us, content.Continue reading “2020 Quarantine -A crafter’s dream or nightmare :)”

The Online Presence and Pot Holder Loops

The online presence is important in today’s tech world. As well as reaching out to wholesale opportunities for materials. I still will focus on thrift shops but some items need to be top shelf quality for sustainability, not that you can not find great quality at thrift shops because I know you can and IContinue reading “The Online Presence and Pot Holder Loops”