2020 Quarantine -A crafter’s dream or nightmare :)

Here in Philadelphia we have been in quarantine due to the coronavirus-covid-19 being highly contagious. It’s a global pandemic and here in the U.S. , especially on the East coast, we have the highest confirmed cases. While the politicians fight about it, we are left a little confused, frustrated and for some of us, content. I am personally ok with a stay home order, but I get it. I understand why people are frustrated, they’re lively hood, they’re businesses are going down and unless they find a way to adhere to the ‘new normal’ they could go bankrupt. When we go out, we are asked to wear masks, to wash our hands as much as possible, and to not have company, remain and practice social distancing. There is nothing normal about social distancing in fact it’s very unnatural, even for introverts. So, we do this and acclimate the best way we can: Technology, quiet time, hobbies, binge watching TV and cooking more.

The Crafters, The artists- Well Crafters and Artists always find something to do, something to start and something to finish. That is the upside of a quarantine. The downside- No crafts shows, no craft festivals, no flea markets, relying on online selling. My little website for selling is http://craftncurio.artfire.com which I use for a point of reference for applications for craft shows. I’m happy to have it and it is not expensive about the same as etsy really, but I’m not in a rush to sell online. The interaction with people matters just as much as someone clicking on an item you made, imo. I like the personal touch and I want people to pick up one of my rugs and feel how it was made, feel the fabric check out the weave, this matters. To answer questions and form relationships with people so the word gets out about how cool and easy you are to work with and talk about custom work, person to person matters. BUT, at the same time, there is a current pandemic, and we have to be mindful and use the time wisely. Now is not the time to be or attend a market, a festival, a show. I look forward to being able to participate in the future, maybe in the Autumn or maybe in 2021- I’m patient, we can all be patient and in the mean time, I’m going to make things, rugs, small mats, baskets, decor, and enjoy the quiet.

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Published by teaboyles

Hello, I'm Tina Nicole Boyles, my nickname is Tea. I've always been interested in crafts. I always loved needlepoint and jewelry making but in the last three years I've learned Rug hooking, Punch needle, Crochet, Loom Weaving and Loom knitting. The learning of a craft is a constant which is the best part of the journey; to create freely while maintaining the craft integrity. I understand this takes a lot of practice; there are some amazing people out there who have been learned in this field since their childhood, passing traditions of weaving, sewing and knitting, etc. through generations and they are amazing. I admire these people of many cultures and look forward to study, practice and creating.

One thought on “2020 Quarantine -A crafter’s dream or nightmare :)

  1. You are the best. Stay safe and be well!

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