What is Diamond Painting ?

Diamond Painting took off in a serious trend of bling. There are a ton of you tube videos on it. I think there are pros and cons to diamond painting. I enjoy bead embroidery, so I found it from searching out canvases and kits to do bead embroidery on. I called it adult lite-brite but I saw how it took off then I learned about these massive canvases people were doing all over the world just by applying small drills to an adhesive canvas.

The Pros: it’s a meditative process that can really help a person quiet their mind. It’s not hard on your body, imo, with the repetitive motion of sewing, crocheting / knitting. So it’s a nice hobby to do while your body needs a rest from other work you’re engaged in. Anyone can do it; the skill it requires is to be able to sit still and follow a pattern. Very inexpensive. Some of the paintings are very pretty and turn out really well. The Drills; you will have extra drills after your painting is done and they can be used for other crafts. You can do your own custom DP, you can use different type of glue and decorate anything you want which helps eliminate waste.

The Cons: Everyone has different taste so while some may see it as gaudy, some may fall in love with the shiny bling aspect of it. Lighting is a need,so you’ll find yourself purchasing a light pad and a small frame to rest the pad and the canvas on. Like needlepoint and cross stitch get your readers out you will need them to see and follow the pattern for the tiny print. Those drills I wrote about above for other projects because they seems to multiply like an infestation lol, this in turn leads you to buy extra storage containers for the extra drills left over. So use them up. The waste, every time you buy a Diamond paint kit you also buy the trays, the pens, the baggies which is overwhelming. It’s up to buyers to figure out how to eliminate the waste, you can sell off the extra accessories you end up with or donate them to any organization that encourages crafting, eg. schools, libraries. Some paintings turn out well while other may not. Read the reviews and research.

Since it became a trend, interesting things are now being put together as kits for Diamond Painting. Book markers, key chains, ornaments, decorative discs with lights, decorative pillow covers and leather bound journals.

Here’s some pictures in diamond painting I did and some key chains too.

Butterflies and Mandalas
Sugar Skulls
Two Happy Skulls- Sold
Nightmare b4xmas Jack & Sally
Celestial Sun
Dragonfly Pillow cover

I should have added about Epoxy Resin. Any Project you do where the DP is not behind a glass or plastic frame you should apply epoxy resin to the drills after you fixed them in place on your canvas. Definitely key chains, or any item that gets moved around or banged around in a bag, etc. Once the epoxy resin dries in about 24 hours the drills and stones are immovable.

To sum up, it’s a nice hobby for people like me who would never attempt paint by numbers, I’m not against it, it’s just not something I would attempt. I actually have bead embroidery kits to do and plan on it next year, but when I need to quiet down and relax I will still make shiny stuff. 🙂

Published by teaboyles

Hello, I'm Tina Nicole Boyles, my nickname is Tea. I've always been interested in crafts. I always loved needlepoint and jewelry making but in the last three years I've learned Rug hooking, Punch needle, Crochet, Loom Weaving and Loom knitting. The learning of a craft is a constant which is the best part of the journey; to create freely while maintaining the craft integrity. I understand this takes a lot of practice; there are some amazing people out there who have been learned in this field since their childhood, passing traditions of weaving, sewing and knitting, etc. through generations and they are amazing. I admire these people of many cultures and look forward to study, practice and creating.

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